Steel pipe elbows "Made in Germany”

Lindemann GmbH & Co. KG is a medium-sized company of the metalworking industry located in Bünde, North Rhine-Westphalia. Since the company was founded in 1955, elbows are manufactured according to the so called “Hamburger Verfahren”, but ever since the technique has been refined continuously. Formerly the incalescence of the pipes was conducted by using oil or gas burners, a technique that is today replaced by electric inductive heating. Advantages of this technique are a more evenly widening of the elbows and faster and more environmentally sustainable processing.

By using modern production technologies we were able to seclude ourselves from a manufacturer of mass-produced goods and to maintain our ground in the area of custom build steel pipe elbows with a total production capacity of about 4,800 tons per year. Moreover, we were able to establish firmly our market position as one of Europe’s leading manufacturer of steel pipe elbows through flexibility, a wide range of products and high quality.

Our product’s high standard is guaranteed by the use of primary materials of European origin and process inspection conducted by our qualified professionals. Thus we out products stand for a premise for long-run entrepreneurial success. Additionally our long-standing technical wealth of experience and the wide range of products are on hand for our customers to guarantee an ideal application solution.

Our high quality products are used in the following industries:

  • Power plant construction
  • Chemical industry
  • Shipbuilding industry
  • Pipe and plant engineering
  • Oil and gas supply